Curaçao Marine recently published an Informational Guide for sailors sailing over or considering to cross over to Curaçao.


Besides information about our marina & boatyard and our services & facilities you can also read up on some general information about Curaçao. We also included some specific tips that might come in handy for the sailing community, such as places to stay or eat closest to the marina, where to buy supplies, bars and nightlife where the sailing community hangs out, how public transport works and that it is better to rent a car and where to do that. Or what not to miss out on the island and where to find up-to-date info on events or popular happy hours! It’s all in there!


Upon arrival you will receive this booklet, but we can imagine that some of you might want to read up on it before arrival! Therefor we also published it online! You can look it up on the following link: Don’t forget to bookmark it or it is even possible to download it as a pdf and print it for offline use.


We also want to remind you that if you have any questions concerning our marina or Curaçao don’t hesitate to ask them on our Facebook page! Even silly questions like “is there a supermarket close to the marina?” are more then welcome! We’ll be glad to answer to your questions. Sunny regards from the Curaçao Marine Crew!


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