Since we last shared the long list of improvements above, Curacao Marine didn’t sit still! The improvements & developments at the yard have continued steadily. Here is the latest updat:


  • Equipment maintenance: Our machinery is the core of our business, therefore the second round of maintenance on our tractor and trailer has been carried out.


  • Arrival by boat: The visibility of the shallow spot in front of our marina has been improved. Read this to avoid possible damage upon arrival.


  • Yard capacity: 665 boat stands have been delivered! We can now offer long- & short-term storage on the hard to about 80 more yachts. Start reserving your spot!


  • Shuttle service: Our partner Caribbean Handling & Commerce offers customers of Curacao Marine a shuttle service to customs & immigration at a small fee.


  • Product shipment service: Caribbean Handling & Commerce also offers another special service to clients of Curacao Marine: transportation of goods from St. Martin to Curacao. Ideal when a certain item or special paint is not available on our island, you can but it online and they ship it to Curacao for you! Ask about this service at our reception or via our contact form online.


  • Car rental: We have added a few more cars to our rental fleet; it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to step of your yacht and be on your way to get necessary provisions or to go sightseeing!


That’s it for now! We will keep updating this list regularly! Big announcements ahead!




Curaçao Marine Yard Info


Early 2017 Curaçao Marine was sold and a new managing board took seat. The new managing board has been fully operational from day one and has set out to grow Curaçao Marine into a prominent player in the Caribbean leisure yachting & boating industry. The new dynamic, young and experienced team believes that Curaçao has the potential to further develop into a key destination for sailors and yachtsmen in the Caribbean.


Curaçao has so much more to offer to sailors traversing the Caribbean Sea then it is known for.

  • The strategic location, outside the hurricane belt, close to the Panama Canal and therefor also close to The Pacific, is only one of the obvious benefits.
  • The island’s economy is more stable than most Caribbean islands.
  • Its standard of living is safer & higher than in most surrounding islands.
  • The extensive provisioning possibilities and the many flight connections through our international airport are just a few of the other advantages for sailors.
  • Let’s not forget the authenticity & beauty of this unique Caribbean island, you have to experience it yourself to understand.
  • And then, of course, Curaçao also has Curaçao Marine! A qualitative technical marina & boatyard, centrally located on the island, offering all necessary yacht services in one spot.


Both the new managing director, Marc Rooijakkers, and the new yard manager, Gareth Weber, have a profound passion for sailing and the boating business. They are eager to put their extensive knowledge, experience and drive to work for Curaçao Marine.


The new managing team didn’t sit still. After an extensive analysis and identification of opportunities the new board categorized their priorities and started implementing improvements right away. Read on for more details on the developments!


Recent improvements at the yard:

  • Important maintenance was carried out on the hauling machinery. The tractor has new tires which will provide the best traction to cope with the heavier loads.
  • A very important upgrade was outsourcing the security to a professional security company. At the same time the number of security cameras quadrupled, 18 new security cameras have been installed!
  • An extra crew bathroom was build. The ladies bathroom was already separate, now also the gentlemen and our employees have separate bathroom facilities. Besides that the guest bathrooms now also have an increased cleaning schedule
  • A thorough cleanup of the yards was carried out; an accumulated 90 cubic meters of trash was disposed of.
  • A switch was made to a more sustainable light source; on the yard all spotlights have been replaced by LED lights.
  • It is now possible to rent our professional, enclosed and climate controlled spray cabin at a very competitive price, not only for boats but also for all other large objects. You can do your own maintenance projects or they can be carried out by a third party, but of course we can also do the job for you.
  • We have 2 extra rental cars available on the premises; the 3 cars can be rented at a daily rate or upon availability also per hour. The latter being ideal for quick errands or provisioning.
  • We welcomed a new sub-contractor to the yard; S.A.F.E, specializes in safety and fire equipment for on- and off-yacht projects.
  • We have a strategic partnership with Curaçao Handling & Commerce N.V; they are the experts on customs & immigration consultation on the island.
  • 300 new hurricane straps have been ordered and arrived just in time for Caribbean hurricane season. Though Curaçao is a hurricane safe destination, it is of utmost importance to the new management to take precautions and to be well prepared.
  • A new feature has been added to our website; you can now read and leave a review on our website! Have you been to our yard lately? Let us know by leaving a review on Your feedback will be much appreciated.
  • We also implemented a new, professional reservations system and we are ready to take in your bookings and reply to your inquiries.


Future improvement & investment plans:


  • This month! – For safety reasons we want to improve the visibility of the shallow spot just before arriving at our marina. We are placing a warning or welcome sign and reflective lights in the water.
  • 2017 – Further maintenance on both the 40 & 60 ton trailer will be carried out


  • End of 2017 – Reinforcement of the asphalted terrain to sustain heavier loads. With the the addition of the 60 ton trailer a few years ago the yachts being hauled out at Curaçao Marine keep getting bigger!
  • Early 2018 – We will be placing new electricity & water supply connections at the marina.
  • 2017/2018 – We are working on the possibility to offer Duty Free Shopping to sailors in transit at Curaçao Marine.
  • 2018/2019 – Building on site accommodation; we want to be able to offer our customers the choice of living aboard their yacht or to opt for a comfortable stay in one of the limited apartments.


As you can read improvements are being made and will be made on various aspects of the business. All changes and improvements will directly or indirectly benefit the customer experience. The new managing team and our crew is looking forward to welcoming new & returning customers to the yard!


Add Curaçao Marine to your sailing itinerary, we are your one-stop-marina & boatyard in Curaçao!