Mast Haul with Crane – Serena Jan

Work Specifications

Mast Haul with the use of a Crane for sailing yacht Serena Jan.

  • Crane arrangement

  • Mast inspection

  • Nautical engineer on location

  • Repairs and a new mast paint job

Heavy lifting & Maintenance – Commercial Pilot boat

Work Specifications

Haul out 72 MT pilot boat using 200 MT crane for general maintenance

  • Crane arrangement

  • Hull inspection/ cleaning and sanding

  • Paint application

  • Prop polishing

Hauling a 62 ft Lagoon Catamaran

Work Specifications

Haul out of 62FT cat for maintenance and storage

  • Haul out

  • Maintenance

  • Storage

Bow damage repair Grand Soleil 43

Damage - before Damage - before

Work Specifications

Crash damage repair to bow and anchor locker Grans Soleil 43

  • Repairs