Curacao Marine Customs Procedure

Temporary Import License – six months maximum
Yachts may enter Curacao for periods up to six months with a temporary import license, which can be obtained by completing a Customs Clearing Form

Bonded Warehouse – no time limit
The Curacao Customs Office has awarded Curacao Marine a ‘Bonded Warehouse’ (Entrepot) status. Once a yacht is stored at the Curacao Marine Bonded Warehouse there is no time limit for storage. When in Bonded Warehouse the owner or crew may not enter the yacht without prior notification to Curacao Marine. At least one week notice is required.

Use of Yacht when in Bonded Warehouse
It is possible to have your yacht in Bonded Warehouse and still be able to make use of it. Notify Curacao Marine when you wish to come and we shall arrange a temporary import license for you. After sailing, the yacht may be re-entered into Bonded Warehouse. Everything is possible as long as Curacao Marine will be informed of your plans in advance.

Administrative Costs
The Customs Office requires notification from Curacao Marine for every change in status of the yacht.

Entry of the Bonded Warehouse – US$ 50.00
All other customs documentation – US$ 15.00 each

Please remember that all yachts stored or moored at Curacao Marine are required to be fully insured