drone sail boat yard Did you know, that... The biggest Spray Cabin for Yachts in the Caribbean is right HERE!! Welcome to Curacao Marine Yacht Maintenance, Storage & Repairs Safely located under the hurricane belt. Hauling up to 60 ton. heavy haul Safe Storage All Year Round Located under the hurricane belt

Welcome to Curacao Marine

We offer a comprehensive package of services. Curacao Marine has a 60 ton hauling capacity. Curacao Marine also has a variety of services like crash repairs, teak work,spray painting and much more.

Curaçao is located in the Southwestern Caribbean, at latitude 12′ north and longitude 68′ west. The island is just 70 km (44 miles) north of South America. It is 2,5 hours by air from Miami. Curaçao, with its year round warm and sunny climate is located outside the hurricane belt.

Its well-maintained connections to United States and Europe, both by air and sea, make Curaçao a most attractive tourist stop for many visiting travelers. Curaçao Marine Service with a 60 ton hauling cap. Crash repairs, teak work, spray painting etc.

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Copper coat certification


The best  

gr8t service and well experienced team. they are doing a lot of improvements in to the yards.

Great service  
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This is the best marina on the island, they helped us out where they could. Thanks a bunch!

Pete Walther   
Superb Service at great Rates  
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Friends in SXM told us about the ideal haul-out during hurricane season. We were pleasantly surprised with the level of expertise of this yard. Karina 2 our 60 ft catamaran got a great new paintjob and we did some minor adjustments to the mast and stays. Overall a great experience

Martin Folks